Glossary of Common Terms

There are a number of terms to understand with regards to vacuum cleaner features and components. Here are the main terms:


Most vacuum cleaners produced today will not hold disposable bags. Bagless models are those which don’t need bags replacing. Instead there is usually a bin container which can be removed and emptied when full.


Because the average vacuum cleaner pulls air along with dust and dirt through the system, the filter collects these particles and over time the filter becomes clogged, making suction power less effective. Filters either need to be replaced or simply cleaned, like the Dyson range.


Some vacuum cleaners make a fair amount of noise due to the necessary components within the system. Manufacturers are constantly trying to improve noise reduction to make those pets less scared of housework!


Vacuum cleaners need to reach a fair distance, especially in bigger homes and the last thing the user wants to do is keep plugging and unplugging the cleaner every five minutes while hoovering. Take into account the length of the power lead and any extendable wand/hose to reach those tricky corners such as the stairs or picture rails.

Tools onboard

Vacuum cleaners will usually carry tools onboard such as brushes, extendable hoses and various heads/nozzles for cleaning. Check the tool storage won’t get in your way whilst cleaning.


If you’re dragging around a huge vacuum cleaner, you’re simply going to tire out. This website discusses the features of lighter models for the problem of weighty machines.