When looking for the best lightweight vacuum cleaner, it really depends on how you are intending on using the product. If you are after a handheld cleaner for the odd freshen up, then you are not going to be looking for something as powerful as a mains powered machine with amazing features. If you are elderly or disabled, your consideration will be based on the weight, the accessibility to on board tools and suction power (you don’t want to be going over the same area multiple times due to low suction). The bin capacity will be important as you don’t want to be emptying the contents too often.

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If you are disabled, the above points will be valid, but also consider how easy it is to assemble tools and you may want a longer power lead so as not to keep plugging and unplugging as you go about your housework.

Hand held vacuum cleanerIf you own a large property or even run a hotel or guest house, a lightweight vacuum cleaner will be essential due to mobility on multiple levels and multiple floor types. Carrying a hoover up many flights of stairs will be difficult with a heavy machine!

If you own a small property, the dimensions of the hoover will be crucial for storage and the use itself. Small rooms are easy to access with cylinder vacuum cleaners.

Parents on the move will require brilliant suction to reduce time cleaning and may also require larger bin capacities so the bin won’t need emptying often.

Choosing the best vacuum cleaner for your home is important when you consider how big (or small) your property is, whether you are able to push and pull around a heavier product and whether you can easily access the parts of your home without trouble.

Some points you may want to consider:

how large is your home? If you live in small accommodation, you want to buy a small unit for ease of storage and to move around tight areas.

will you need tools to vacuum upholstery – how well can you reach those curtains and furniture?

battery charge for cordless vacuum cleaners? If buying a cordless vacuum cleaner, how long will the battery charge for and how long will it last?

for bagless vacuum cleaners, you’ll need to consider how easy it is to dispose of the bin contents. Collecting dust and dirt is pretty easy with all of the reviewed models on this website, but emptying them can throw the dirt into the air, so you’ll need to take care (or empty outside).

upright or cylinder? Upright means you won’t have to stoop and is much easier on the wrists. Cylinder gives you more flexibility, but you end up bending over more.

weight? One of the most important factors. Are you having to vacuum over multiple floors? Is your home pretty big?

robotic vacuum cleaner? This is now a viable consideration for those who cannot face vacuum cleaning their home. Robotic Vacuum Cleaner?It’s not a solution to all cleaning needs, but it helps with the standard cleaning of floors around the home. Read through some of the best robotic vacuum cleaners.

Please review the vacuum cleaner specifications below, for the best models we have reviewed.