Comparing lightweight vacuum cleaners

Below is a detailed analysis of some of the best models┬áreviewed on this website. We have tried to include the most important information such as dimensions, weight, power and what tools are available – the components we feel are the most important when making your choice.

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Pay careful attention to the features such as power, measured in watts (W), and the accessories that come with each model. Generally cordless vacuum cleaners will be much lighter, but they require charging for a number of hours before use and you usually only get up to 15 minutes use. They are great for smaller homes (as they don’t last long when used) and are great for a quick freshen up, but you will need something more powerful for a thorough clean, where the suction power is greater.

HEPA filters are great for allergy sufferers and those with pets. Most models now come with these filters as standard.

Also be aware of features such as adjustable height (for upright vacuum cleaners) and bin capacity (you may want a larger dust bin container if your home is quite large).