Electrolux ZB2803 designFor a cordless vacuum, the Electrolux ZB2803 lasts a pretty long time. 20 minutes in fact, which is slightly more than most cordless vacuum cleaners of this size. It’s a tiny 2.1kg, so absolutely ideal for those who are challenged with big hefty machines. It’s a 12 volt machine which is powerful enough for light vacuum cleaning around the home (although in saying this, many customers have reverted to using it as their main cleaner). With a litre dust bin container, it’s a very competitive product compared to others in the same range. The only negative I can see with this machine is the unlikeable colours of yellow and black. When you look at how well designed some of the Dyson and Vax machines are, you wonder why Electrolux chose such an awful colour. I guess many won’t be too phased about colour as its purpose is to vacuum and not sit in the corner looking pretty. On the plus side, the floor head is very flexible and you can really get into areas where most vacuums would shake their heads to. The two power settings are ideal, although I would probably have it set to the highest setting every time. It’s also great that you can charge the unit anywhere – on the floor, on the wall etc.  This is a great, lightweight machine that can be stored in any small home easily.

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Description of the Electrolux ZB2803 Unirapido

– Weighs just over 2kg
– 1 litre dust bin container
– 20 minutes usage time
– Excellent for storing in small areas due to its small frame
– Bagless and uses cyclonic cleaning
– Uses 12 volts
– Flexible floor head

“Being disabled and in my sixties, I have been looking for a small vacuum for many years. I simply can’t shift heavy machines around and I’ve sent many back because they have turned out to be too difficult to use. The Electrolux cordless was the perfect present to myself. I’ve been able to take care of housework in a way I couldn’t before.” Mr Hughes

BenefitsElectrolux ZB2803 Unirapido

– Store in small spaces
– No need to trip over power cables
– 20 minutes is sufficient to get around small to medium homes
– Excellent for the quick touch up
– Light enough for those with mobility problems


– Charging can take a while so you may need to prepare beforehand
– The design is not eye catching

Official Electrolux website – www.electrolux.co.uk