dyson dc24 lighter cleanerA Dyson wonder!

If you’re looking for a reliable, lightweight and compact upright vacuum cleaner, the Dyson DC24 Ball Upright (Multi Floor) is the product for you. There are so many features to this vacuum cleaner, which many manufacturers are unable to compete with. The patented Ball and Root Cyclone technology are key features when navigating around lounge furniture, manoeuvring around corners and super strength suction without the need for a powerful user. The Dyson DC24 is a supremely lightweight vacuum cleaner with a weight of just 5.4kg! Ideal for users who struggle to clean homes and those who simply want the best type of upright vacuum cleaner with ease of use and on all types of floors, be it carpets, tiles and wood. Yes it is slightly more expensive than some of the lighter, more compact vacuums out there, but there are a number of reasons why Dyson models stand out. Here is why you should consider the Dyson DC24…

Description of the Dyson DC24

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– Uses Root Cyclone technology for great suction
– Ultra light at an astonishing 5.4kg so easy to use upstairs/downstairs and light enough to carry around.
– Uses Dyson’s Ball technology (the vacuum cleaner rides on a ball!)
– The motorised brush bar – ideal for removing dirt, pet hair and the like from carpets and rugs. Most vacuum cleaners will include a brush, but not one that spins like this model’s brush!
– The long reach reversible wand, a component which allows you to get to those really tricky areas such as behind heavy furniture, stair carpets and any other hidden areas that collect dust.
– allergy suffers look no further as the BAF (British Allergy Foundation) and 11 other allergy association around the world have approved this Dyson model.

“We have a fairly big house and getting around it with a hoover can be tricky. We have lots of wooden floors on the landing and various rugs and carpets. No children or pets, but we live on a farm, so inevitably get mud and dirt around the house. The Dyson DC24 is our choice of vacuum cleaner, simply because it does the job quickly and we don’t need to worry about buying new bags and filters. It also looks smart and fits neatly into our store cupboard. The only slight annoyance is that we have a huge house and the hoover doesn’t always reach the areas we need to get to without having to use another plug socket.  Only a small hindrance but we wouldn’t swap it for any other vacuum cleaner.” Richard Pinter


– no further costs (bags or filters).dyson dc24 cleaning surfaces
– no need to constantly move the product back and forth to pick up all the dirt as (with all Dyson), the suction strength is so powerful, it picks up first time.
– saves space and is very compact
– bin compartment for disposing of sucked up contents (very easy to remove and put back). That’s right, no need for bags!
– because this model is lightweight, it’s a great model for the elderly, those with back problems, those unable to carry around a heavy vacuum cleaner and those with disabilities. You’re not exhausted after doing the housework!

This little YouTube video shows the Dyson DC24 in action, along with shots of the suction power and how easy the vacuum cleaner can get around corners!

Any drawbacks?

– the bin compartment could be a little bigger for larger homes (but we’re talking REALLY large)
– the power lead is pretty short, although we have found it to be adequate.

Don’t forget…

The amount of dust the Dyson DC24 sucks up is astounding. Because this upright vacuum cleaner is small for its kind, it can easily be stored away in small spaces. The Dyson brand is strong and reliable – ask many of their customers.

How does the Dyson DC24 compare to other lightweight vacuum cleaners?

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Watch a video showing how to wash the filter of the Dyson DC24:

Official Dyson website – www.dyson.co.uk