buy morphy richards never loses suction 73411 The first thing that strikes me about this Morphy Richards model is the fact that it probably belongs in a science fiction move. Joking aside, the design is not the most appealing, but then again it’s main purpose is to double as an upright vacuum cleaner AND a lighter hand held canister cleaner, which makes those stairs and tighter spaces easier to vacuum. This is unusual for most manufacturers who simply contain the canister in one space and allow various hoses and tools to detach from the main frame itself when cleaning different areas. It’s a great function to include, as a hand held vacuum doesn’t always have enough power to clean the car (unless it’s a Dyson), so when the main canister is detached, it’s actually quite a beautiful looking machine and can easily be used in cars or vans. When the canister is sitting in the main unit, the steering swivels (pivoting floor head), making this little vacuum very easy to get around corners or hard to reach areas. This machine uses ‘Never Lose Suction’ technology so the vacuum doesn’t lose suction power as the bin container fills. It also includes a brush bar to help collect hairs on carpets and rugs. We also love the fact that the power chord is just over a staggering 12 metres no less! You can reach anywhere in my home with that radius. The weight is just under 7kg, which is not bad, but not as light as some of the other reviewed vacuum cleaners. However, once the canister is off, you’re looking at a dainty 3.1kg! Let’s have a closer look at features…

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Description of the Morphy Richards 73411

– Great functional design allowing the removal of the canister to vacuum tighter spacesmorphy richards never loses suction 73411
– 3.2 litre bin container
– 6.9kg in total weight, 3.1kg when just using the small canister
– Includes HEPA filters, which are easy to maintain
– Comes with various tools – dusting brush and crevice tool plus turbo nozzle. The latter is superb when vacuum cleaning pet hair!
– The pivoting floor head allows user to get to those difficult areas with no trouble compared to most upright vacuum cleaners
– Super lengthy power chord of 12.5 metres
– Can use on multiple floor surfaces

“I know that Dyson are an amazing brand of vacuum cleaners, but I had no idea how good Morphy Richards vacuums are until I bought the 73411. I don’t have pets, but the suction power is awesome and I don’t need to spend much time hoovering, seeing as the power cable is immensely long.  “ Pete Towning


– Stores easily and canister can be detached for easy cleaning
– Light structure so brilliant for those with poor backs
– Very versatile
– Long cable shortens time to clean (no need to keep unplugging)


– Power chord doesn’t retract, but is simply wound manually on pegs. Not ideal.

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