How to maintain your vacuum cleaner

Your vacuum cleaner will need regular maintenance to ensure suction levels are high and the machine isn’t working too hard due to blockages or full dust containers/bags.

Always disconnect your vacuum cleaner from the mains before performing any maintenance.

Check dust bag/container

Ensure you read your manufacturers instructions for guidance on how full the dust container or bag before it needs to be emptied or changed. Dust bags are porous as air needs to pass through the dust bag and out through the vacuum cleaner. Therefore, once the dust bags become quite full, the air cannot escape, making the hoover work much harder. Some vacuum cleaners alert the user when full or, in the case of bagless hoovers, some bin containers are visible to the user.


Some vacuum cleaners alert the user to blockages within the system, but it’s worth checking the hose and other accessories for blockages. If the hoover doesn’t sound right when on, do check for blockages.

Brush rolls

The head of most vacuum cleaners will include a brush roll, which stops hard floor surfaces from being scratched and also picks up fluff, hair and other small particles within the brush itself. A cloth can be used to clean the brush.


Read through any manufacturer documentations with regards to cleaning or replacing filters. Foam/plastic filters can sometimes be easily detached, cleaned and rinsed. Ensure the filter is dry before replacing into the machine.

Electrical chord

Always check that the chord is intact and there are no breaks. If wires are exposed, ensure the product is seen to and repaired by a specialist.