dyson digital slim dc35
You read that correct – this Dyson is cordless. Not only does this Dyson small vacuum cleaner include the famous Root Cyclone technology (for powerful suction), this model has a detachable long stemmed wand and for use on multiple surfaces. This model is power efficient and only weighs in at a minute 2.25kg. Perfect for getting rid of dog hair in the car or on the stairs and due to it’s light weight, ideal for those who suffer from back problems, those with disabilities or those who just want a sturdy, beautiful looking Dyson! Here is why you should buy the Dyson Digital Slim DC35…

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Description of this model

  • This Dyson vacuum cleaner is cordless, so can be used easily in cars and anywhere else where power sockets are a problem!
  • The long wand/stem that comes with this unit can be removed easily (another great feature for getting rid of the dirt in the car and/or cleaning the stairs).
  • The digital motor of the Dyson means the suction is most powerful and known to be twice as powerful as the average cordless vacuum cleaner.
  • The Root Cyclone feature means you will benefit from Dyson’s famous powerful suction.
  • Motorised floor tool, for different surfaces such as tiles, wood and carpets.
  • The bin container storage is 0.35l and is easy to empty using a simple click of a button.
  • Cleaning the filter is no problem and can be accessed with a click of a button.
  • This lightweight vacuum cleaner uses a docking station to charge.

We have a main vacuum cleaner for general housework, but the Dyson Dc35 is what we use most of the time because it is so light! I can whizz through the flat without needing a coffee break and it’s also great for popping out quickly to hoover the car (we always find biscuit crumbs everywhere, though my husband is adamant he doesn’t snack on the way to and from work!).  The bin size is a little small, but because I tend to go over the flat a few times a week, it doesn’t really matter. I just empty the bin compartment each time and pop it on charge for the next time. We may do away with our main vacuum cleaner as we never really use it. Poppy Schreppel


  • Easy to store on the wall.dyson digital slim dc35 cleaning stairs
  • Easy to use in tight spaces (remove the wand).
  • Can be used on all types of floors.
  • Manoeuvrable, getting around those tight corners.
  • Great for those with bad backs.


  • As with all cordless vacuum cleaners, the usage time is approx 15 minutes (more than adequate for this type of vacuum cleaner). You can opt for ‘boost’ mode, which is more powerful but lasts only 6 minutes.
  • This model does not include the HEPA filter.

View this great video from Dyson, which runs through the features of the DC35 lightweight vacuum cleaner:

How does the Dyson Digital Slim DC35 compare to other lightweight vacuum cleaners?

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Official Dyson website – www.dyson.co.uk