Numatic HVR200A Henry
The Numatic HVR200A, otherwise known as ‘the Henry,’ is one of the most popular vacuum cleaners in Britain today, with over 450 reviews here. And it’s quite easy to see why. The structure is immensely robust and the sound of the machine is astonishingly low! It’s a fairly light machine, too, at 6.6kg in weight, but the size of it makes it quite bulky and difficult to store. The suction is well known, especially on building sites or in offices/retail stores where this hoover is popular due to it’s ability to suck up anything – from concrete dust, wood dust, pet hair – you name it! Don’t be put off by the dust bags required for this hoover. Whilst typically we stay away from reviewing bagged products, this one is an exception. The bags are huge and also very cheap to replace.

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Description of the Numatic HVR200A Henry

– Uses Microflo dust bags (large and cheap).
– 9 litre container.
– AutoSave low energy feature.
– Air quality improved by 30%.
– Lower noise level of 20%.
– Includes the accessories Kit A1*.
– Filtration is high efficiency.
– Extremely robust in unit construction.
– Cleaning range over 25 metres!Numatic HVR200A Henry motor
– Brush head includes hi and low control. A red light indicates ‘hi’ mode. ‘Lo’ can be used for hard floors and deep threaded carpets.
– 2 year manufacturers warranty.

* The Kit A1 includes:

– Crevice Tool.
– Combination Floor Nozzle.
– Stainless Steel Tube Bend (includes volume control).
– Nuflex Threaded Hose.
– Double Taper Hose.
– Dusting Brush.
– Upholstery Nozzle.

“I’ve used the Henry for years and years. Only had to replace my old one after 15 years and it had been used every day within the hotel we own. It’s our most reliable vacuum cleaner and I’ve always been able to rely on it. Carrying up and down stairs has never been a problem, compared to most hoovers, as the Henry is so light.” Mark Greenfield

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– Lightweight for using around the home/office.
– Kit A1 accessories kit for cleaning up all sorts of spills/dust/dirt.
– Dust bags are large and cheap so replacing won’t be a problem.
– Extremely well built.
– Uses Twinflo professional motor so designed to be used for hours and hours without any problems.
– 2 year guarantee.


– A few customers have mentioned difficulty using the Henry with thick pile carpet.
– Nowhere to store accessories on the unit itself.
– Bulky, so storage in small areas is almost impossible.

How does the Henry compare to other lightweight vacuum cleaners?

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