Vacuuming pet hair

Most pet owners will agree with you that vacuuming pet hair can be quite troublesomevacuuming pet hair at times. Just when you think all the hairs have disappeared in a gust of air, you find several lurking on the sofa or, even worse, in your tea or lunch! There are a few techniques one can use to vacuum those matted clumps of hair or those hairs that have somewhat glued themselves to the carpet.

Brush bars

When cleaning pet hairs, most of them will collect on the brush bar underneath the vacuum cleaner. You may find with smaller diametre brush bars that hairs will collect and wind quite tightly and the only way to remove the hair is to cut it.

Some pet owners have found that raking their carpets before vacuuming can help shift pet hair. Personally, I wouldn’t do this with my carpet, but I can understand why some pet owners find it difficult to shift long hair, particularly from Collies and Newfoundlands. Some of the Dyson and Vax models designed specifically for pet hair can actually be really useful in retrieving hair from the depths of carpets.

“I have a tabby cat and two Alsatians along with oak wood floors. I can’t stand seeing their puffs of hair everywhere, especially as the hair is light compared to my floors. There are a number of really good vacuum cleaners out there that do a great job with pet hair (or any hair for that matter). Shop around and see what real pet owners are recommending as they’ll have first hand experience!” Jenny Martin

Vax U91MAP Pet Multicyclonic

The Vax U91MAP is much like any other Vax upright, but it uses a turbo tool (not to be confused with the turbo brush) specifically for removing pet hairs. The H12 Hepa filter will help with pet odours and the weight (4.9kg)  is ideal for those fed up with moving around heavy vacuums. The turbo tool easily sucks up hair from sofas, stairs, other upholstery and car seats. The suction power is 200AW.

Dyson DC31 Animal Handheld

For those who like hand held vacuum cleaners – light and small – the Dyson DC31 Animal is great for shifting those stubbon hairs! Although the Dyson’s design is second to none, the 65AW suction power is no match to the Vax U91MAP’s 200AW.