vax-h90-gabVax’s Gator hand held vacuum cleaner is one powerful machine, with great suction power and holds its charge well.  It’s a great looking vac, too, with extendible nozzles to reach those difficult areas on the stairs or in those little nooks in your car. It’s not a surprise to learn that it’s one of Amazon’s best sellers this year. Those who have used this hand held hoover delight in telling us how easy it is to handle, especially those with wrist problems. Don’t just use it for the car – keep it down the side of the sofa for those accidental spills. Let’s look closer at why everyone loves the Vax H90GAB Gator…

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Description of the Vax H90GAB Gator

– Extremely lightweight at just over 1.2kg. No need to worry about carrying this beauty around with you on a holiday trip or storing away in your living room for the next spill.
– Like all hand held cleaners, easy to empty the contents into a bin by pressing a button and flipping open the unit.
– The bin container size is 0.2 litres, so adequate for what the product is intended for – spills around the home, pet hair, kids play areas and cleaning up the car/van.
– Can use on multiple surfaces like hard floors, rugs and carpets.
– A generous 2 year manufacturers guarantee.

“It was easy choosing this hand held cleaner, which many of my friends have talked about. I have three children, so cleaning up after them is tiring with a normal vacuum cleaner. The Vax Gator has become my new best friend and I now own two – one stays in my car and the other sits neatly next to my sofa!” Jean Godling

Watch the Amazon video

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  • Great suction for such a small vacuum cleaner
  • Easy to store away due to it’s small size
  • A fantastic 2 year warranty (Vax have an excellent customer care reputation)
  • Ability to use on multiple surfaces


  • Usage after charging lasts around 6 minutes
  • As with most hand held vacuums, can take a while to charge.

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