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Vax Air Reach U90-MA-Re product review

Vax Air Reach U90-MA-Re product review

At the end of 2014, there was a switch to new, less powerful, machines with improved energy efficiency. The Vax U90MARe was one of the new models, designed inline with the European Commission regulations. As with many Vax machines, care has gone into the aesthetically pleasing design and the product passes with straight As, literally. […]

Dyson Digital Slim DC35 Multi Floor Cord...

dyson digital slim dc35

You read that correct – this Dyson is cordless. Not only does this Dyson small vacuum cleaner include the famous Root Cyclone technology (for powerful suction), this model has a detachable long stemmed wand and for use on multiple surfaces. This model is power efficient and only weighs in at a minute 2.25kg. Perfect for […]

Vax U91-MAB Air Upright Vacuum Cleaner R...

Vax U91MAB

The Vax U91-MA-B upright vacuum cleaner is a steal for the price. It uses  multicyclonic technology to ensure suction is constantly powerful by separating air from the dust particles. Perhaps the 6 year guarantee will convince you, but we have listed a number of features below that should help convince you how amazing this lightweight […]

Vax U91-MAP Air Pet Light Vacuum Cleaner...

Vax U91-MA-P

The best selling Vax U91-MAP Air is one of my favourite lightweight vacuum cleaners. It’s an upright bagless, which will immediately appeal to those with back problems and just can’t use cylinder vacuums. Like other Vax models, the U91 MAP uses multicyclonic technology. This simply means that air and dirt/dust will be separated before the […]

Dyson DC26 City Multi Floor Vacuum Clean...

dyson dc26

Can you believe that this Dyson light vacuum cleaner fits quite snugly onto the size of a A4 piece of paper? Well it really does. With any Dyson, you’re looking at the standard Root Cyclone technology so that you maintain perfect suction. You can use the extendible wand/arm to reach difficult places, like those ceiling […]

Dyson DC24 Multi Floor Ultra-lightweight...

dyson dc24

A Dyson wonder! If you’re looking for a reliable, lightweight and compact upright vacuum cleaner, the Dyson DC24 Ball Upright (Multi Floor) is the product for you. There are so many features to this vacuum cleaner, which many manufacturers are unable to compete with. The patented Ball and Root Cyclone technology are key features when […]

Dyson DC25 Multi Floor Upright Small Vac...

dyson dc25 upright

The Dyson DC25 vacuum, at 7.4kg, is probably one of the most functional of the Dyson range, yet is remarkably light considering the spec. Not only is it only 11kg in weight, but it includes features like Dyson’s famous Root Cyclone technology, the Ball technology (where the ball is used to navigate around corners with […]

Dyson DC34 Multi Floor Hand Held Vacuum ...

Dyson dc34 handheld

Dyson DC34 with Longer Run Time Dyson’s Root Cyclone technology is well known for it’s power and innovation. Not only is this hand held vacuum cleaner more powerful than most hand helds, but it won’t lose suction. There are two settings – one for extreme suction (lasting 6 minutes of power) and a normal mode […]

Maintain and clean your vacuum cleaner

Maintain and clean your vacuum cleaner

How to maintain your vacuum cleaner Your vacuum cleaner will need regular maintenance to ensure suction levels are high and the machine isn’t working too hard due to blockages or full dust containers/bags. Always disconnect your vacuum cleaner from the mains before performing any maintenance. Check dust bag/container Ensure you read your manufacturers instructions for […]

Dyson DC22 Allergy Baby Cylinder Lightwe...

dyson dc22

Ok, now this little ‘baby’ Dyson beauty is geared towards allergy sufferers and it definitely lives up to its standard, but it’s not just for allergy sufferers! This model is noticeably heavier than other Dyson models and weighs around the 10kg mark. With this model comes Dyson’s famous Root Cyclone technology, which separates dust particles […]

Morphy Richards Never Loses Suction 7323...

Morphy Richards Never Loses Suction 73230 small vacuum cleaner

Small and compact, the Morphy Richards 73230 cylinder is a beautifully crafted machine. It’s small 6.1kg frame is satisfactory for those caring about how heavy the machine is. With such a small frame, it’s easy to manoeuvre around tight corners or small spaces such as vacuum cleaning the stairs or in between furniture. A HEPA filter […]

Vax C89MAB Mach Air Multicyclonic Lightw...

vax c89mab

We have had the pleasure of sampling this amazingly small, light vacuum cleaner. With a sizeable 2.5 litre bin container, you won’t be needing to empty the contents as often as other vacuum cleaners of the same size. This model comes with your typical accessories – an upholstery tool, a dusting brush and crevice tool […]

Why Bagless Vacuum Cleaners?

Why Bagless Vacuum Cleaners?

If you are looking to purchase a new vacuum cleaner, chances are that you will end up with a bagless cleaner.  Most of the major brands and models have done away with the need for a bag to collect the dust and debris from vacuuming.  There are many advantages to a bagless system.  First of […]