Numatic HVR200A Henry
Whenever someone refers to a vacuum cleaner by the name ‘Henry’, most of us will instinctively visualise the little smiley face on the black and red machine. The Numatic HVR200-11 is one of the most popular machines around the home (with over 2,000 reviews on Amazon).

This HVR200 (not to be mixed up with it’s commercial equivalent, the NVR200-11), is a perfect addition to the home. It’s THE strongest vacuum cleaner we’ve used. It is a little weighty for a lightweight model, at just over 8kg, but there are so many plus points! The power, for one, is well known and there is very little this machine won’t get rid of. Use it on hard floors or carpets and the results are amazing. The capacity of an enormous 9 litres means you will probably forget all about changing the bag, which happens to be a pretty easy process.

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Description of the Numatic HVR200-11

– Uses Microflo dust bags (large and cheap).
– 9 litre container.
– 10 metre cable (with a rewind storage system)
– Wand docking – place the wand alongside the machine for easy storage
– Accessory kit with a number of handy implements.


“I’ve used the Henry for years and years. Only had to replace my old one after 15 years and it had been used every day within the hotel we own. It’s our most reliable vacuum cleaner and I’ve always been able to rely on it. Carrying up and down stairs has never been a problem, compared to most hoovers, as the Henry is so light.” Mark Greenfield


– 9 litre dust bags, cheap to replace.
– Robust structure.


– Can’t store accessories on board.

How does the Henry compare to other lightweight vacuum cleaners?

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