Until recent years, the weight of a vacuum cleaner was never considered a priority. We simply put up with these huge and heavy products. As we age, the typical domestic tasks we used to perform now seem to be a huge struggle and one of the main problems is keeping your house clean from dirt, dust and pet hair. Depending on how large your home is, housework can require a fair amount of stamina and that’s definitely not easy as we age! Reaching those shelves, stooping to wash floors, wiping, dusting, hoovering – you name it. The elderly may suffer from osteoporosis, arthritis, spinal stenosis or weak joints, so its important to minimise any impact on the base of the back as best as possible. Those with disabilities or mobility issues may also face challenges with housework.

Vacuuming can certainly take it out of you. Vax U91MAB Multicyclonic lightweight vacuum cleanerWe spend approximately 15 – 30 minutes vacuum cleaning our homes and it requires pushing and pulling at various angles. Upright vacuum cleaners are easier on the back, because the hoover stands upright to the handle is at arms length. Cylinder vacuum cleaners  are small and sit on the floor, enabling you to pull around fairly effortlessly, but it does mean that you stoop to clean your home.

So what we are looking to buy is an upright vacuum cleaner that’s light in weight, has tools at your fingertips and is small enough to store away. You may also want to consider the bin capacity as a larger home may require emptying the bin more frequently.

Let’s take a look at the various models in the table below that we’ve reviewed and their respective features/specifications:

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What we suggest is an upright machine that’s approximately less than 6kg in weight. We’re left with the following models:

Dyson DC24

Although the bin capacity is slightly smaller than most of the other models, you probably won’t notice much difference. This model is compact and ideal for small homes, but the suction power is not as great (100AW compared to the average 200AW).

Vax U91LFB

No adjustable height for this model (well, it is a cordless cleaner), so you’ll have to make do whatever your height. However, as with most cordless machines, the weight is on the very low scale. Ideal for a home that doesn’t see dusty shelves that often and doesn’t require various accessories.

Remember, the Vax U91LFB is cordless so it requires prior charging and will last for around 15 minutes.  If you think you can vacuum your home in that time, then maybe this is the product for you as it’s easy to store, being fairly small in size (28cm in width).

Vax Air Cordless

A lightweight 4.6kg cordless cleaner which manoeuvres with exceptional ability. Simple to maintain and empty, plus easy to store. Two 20 volt lithium batteries are included, which gives you approximately 25 minutes of use each. Ensure you keep both charged.

Vax U91MAB

One of the best models around by Vax. Powerful, yet easy to store with a huge 200 air watts of power.

Vax U90MAR

The Vax U90MAR has a power lead of 10 metres, so if you need to easily get to areas of your home where plug sockets are scarce, this model may be best suited.

The Vax machines are the most powerful of this selection of upright vacuum cleaners (but if you prefer more power, the Dyson DC25 is better to use, but is more weighty at 7.4kg).