Vax Air Lift main machineThis Shark upright vacuum cleaner uses the ‘Lift-Away’ technology, one of the most talked about features of this range. Weighing around 6.3kg, this product is easy to use for those struggling with heavy machines and is pretty compact, what with 1 litre capacity and a powerful 850 Watts.

Putting together the Shark NV680UKT is very easy, with each part reassuringly clicking together! Manoeuvring around is simple and easy, with the ‘lift-away’ capability, ensuring those difficult to clean areas such as under furniture or up and down stairs are catered for without breaking into a sweat.

Your carpet pile will feel regenerated, but some may find the suction is a little too powerful. This can be a problem with many vacuum cleaners with strong suction (like the Henry) – manoeuvring the machine as it almost clings to the carpet can be slightly annoying. That said, the control release in the machine’s wand can be opened to reduce suction strength.  This product covers all areas of the home; carpets, hard floors, upholstery and even getting rid of those pet hairs which seem to cling to everything!

This model is the ‘bordeaux’ colour – a beautiful rich, dark red – and with a 5 year warranty, you can purchase with confidence.

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Out of the box

The Shark NV680UKT comes with:

  • the main machine
  • an upholstery tool
  • a 2 in 1 crevice tool
  • a pet power brush
  • the dust away attachment and pad
  • flex of 8 metres
  • a ‘quick start’ guide
  • manual

Assembly of the unit is easy to follow, using the ‘quick start’ guide and a manual (if needed).

What are the benefits?

  • Lightweight at 6.3kg
  • Powerful suction at 850 Watts
  • Includes washable filters and HEPA filter
  • Main unit can be detached (Lift Away technology) to help access difficult areas
  • The brush roll rotates (and is powered), making it easier to lift up dirt
  • Anti allergy complete seal technology (almost all the dust and allergens sucked up will not be pushed back into the air).
  • 5 year guarantee

And any drawbacks?

  • Strong suction can possibly make it difficult to manoeuvre (a control release in the wand can reduce suction power if needed)
  • The 1 litre container will probably need emptying regularly.