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Dyson Digital Slim DC35 Multi Floor Cord...

dyson digital slim dc35

You read that correct – this Dyson is cordless. Not only does this Dyson small vacuum cleaner include the famous Root Cyclone technology (for powerful suction), this model has a detachable long stemmed wand and for use on multiple surfaces. This model is power efficient and only weighs in at a minute 2.25kg. Perfect for […]

Vax Air Cordless (U86ALB) vacuum cleaner...

Vax Air Cordless (U86ALB) vacuum cleaner review – powerful, yet light!

Vax’s Powerful Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Vax’s Air Cordless was launched earlier this year with glowing reviews. Cordless vacuum cleaners were often used for a quick clean, leaving the serious cleaning for a bigger, more powerful machine. Several cordless machines are now available with better features and better battery life, not to mention improved power. The Vax […]

Dyson DC34 Multi Floor Hand Held Vacuum ...

Dyson dc34 handheld

Dyson DC34 with Longer Run Time Dyson’s Root Cyclone technology is well known for it’s power and innovation. Not only is this hand held vacuum cleaner more powerful than most hand helds, but it won’t lose suction. There are two settings – one for extreme suction (lasting 6 minutes of power) and a normal mode […]

Maintain and clean your vacuum cleaner

Maintain and clean your vacuum cleaner

How to maintain your vacuum cleaner Your vacuum cleaner will need regular maintenance to ensure suction levels are high and the machine isn’t working too hard due to blockages or full dust containers/bags. Always disconnect your vacuum cleaner from the mains before performing any maintenance. Check dust bag/container Ensure you read your manufacturers instructions for […]