Samsung VCS7550S4K FlexSlim Hand Stick It’s not difficult to see why the Samsung VCS7550S4K has accrued some excellent reviews. It’s one of the best ‘hand stick’ vacuum cleaners with its looks sleek, beautiful design. The most impressive feature is that you can detach the hand held vacuum for those smaller areas such as the stairs, the car interior and in between furniture. This vacuum cleaner is bagless and cordless. It does mean lengthy waits for charging, but you can a sizeable half an hour’s use of it. Not bad, considering it takes me around 15 minutes to get the flat I live in cleaned. The bin container is around half a litre – again, fairly small, but normal for a tiny cordless vacuum such as this. Samsung haven’t cut corners and have also included the allergy sufferer’s friend, the HEPA filter. However, this is not a powerful machine and is clearly intended for a quick freshen up of the home and car. The suction power is a mere 10 air watts (the Dyson DC35 cordless vacuum‘s suction power is around 60 air watts). The motorised brush is ideal as are the various nozzles that are supplied with this little dinky Samsung vacuum cleaner. Let’s look at the list of features…

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Description of the Samsung VCS7550S4K FlexSlim

  • Light structure, weighing just under 3kg
  • Easy to use as an upright vacuum as well as a hand held vacuum
  • Includes a HEPA filter
  • Uses an 18.5 volt battery
  • Comes with wide brush head which pivots
  • Includes crevice nozzles and motorised head
  • Half an hour cleaning time
  • Half a litre bin container
  • 2 year manufacturer warranty

“Yes, this cordless vacuum cleaner is not a powerful machine like a Vax or Dyson, but it’s a stylish model that is easy to store away and use for the lighter housework that needs doing. I store it in the under stairs cupboard so it’s near the entrance i.e. my van and also close to my living room. “ Mrs Gardner


  • No problems with storage
  • No need to buy a separate hand held vacuum
  • 30 minute usage time very good for a cordless vacuum
  • Excellent value for money
  • Portable – can charge and take anywhere


  • Emptying the bin container is not as easy as other vacuum cleaners

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