Here at, we have reviewed a vast number of the lighter range of vacuum cleaner products on the market. If, like us, you are tired of having to pull around a heavy beast of a machine or you simple cannot manage due to ill health and want to finally buy a lighter product, read through our reviews, which should give you the best start when choosing your preferred product! We have reviewed a number of Dyson, Vax and Hoover models which we have found to be the best at producing compact, powerful vacuum cleaners.

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About 18 months ago I realised that the state of my house was always going to be below par. Not only do I have kids and pets, but I also have a problematic back and until 18 months ago absolutely dreaded the housework, making me a very cranky mum and pet owner at the weekends!

I sat and thought about what it was that would annoy or upset me when doing the housework and whittled the problem down to tiring out. Housework is seriously like a workout for me (and my friends) and after dusting and cleaning, the last part would always be taken up by a very sweaty 20 minute hoovering session followed by 30 minutes of back ache and a restless night.  Okay, so what was the solution to the problem? Well, I couldn’t not clean and I couldn’t not dust.  The main problem was dragging around a 5 year old whopping great hoover that could have done with a new filter and more suction! It was also a mammoth task to drag around, especially when catching on corners (it was a ‘cylinder’ hoover, as opposed to ‘upright’ where you don’t have to stoop too much) and plugging/unplugging around the house.  Let’s not even mention getting it up the stairs!

So I started researching on smaller, lighter (but still powerful) vacuum cleaners and was tempted to opt for the cheaper products, but it’s unlikely you’ll own the product for long! Suction on some of these beasts can be powerful, as well as all the funky features, but I wanted to have those as well as having a small, light machine. Could I buy a lighter vacuum cleaner with all these features? Surely that wouldn’t be possible.  I was surprised by the hoovers available at really low weights – 3kg to 9kg and decided to try one out (a Dyson) and have never looked back. I’ve only had this one for 18 months and it’s a dream. Not only am I more relaxed doing the housework, but I finish in good time (9 minute record).

Clara Fern