dyson dc22 allergy vacuum cleaner
Ok, now this little ‘baby’ Dyson beauty is geared towards allergy sufferers and it definitely lives up to its standard, but it’s not just for allergy sufferers! This model is noticeably heavier than other Dyson models and weighs around the 10kg mark. With this model comes Dyson’s famous Root Cyclone technology, which separates dust particles uber fast, ensuring suction is always powerful. The British Allergy Foundation gives this model the thumbs up and it’s not hard to see why.

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Description of the Dyson DC22

– Durable and tough material, making this model very reliable.
– Tools stored on board the product.
– Ability to vary the suction (maybe you want less power when cleaning curtains for example).
– One button to empty bin container.
– Mini flat out head, enabling ease of use across multiple floor surfaces.
– Wrap around hose for easy storage.

“I have a dog  and before buying the Dyson Dc22, I used to find his hair everywhere.  Not his fault, I know, but it used to drive me up the wall. I also suffer pretty badly in the summer with hay fever so when my friend told me about this Dyson I had to do some research and found that the British Allergy Foundation had recommended this product. I do still suffer from hay fever, but it is noticeably better than before. I’m told this is because the suction is very powerful and pollen, thankfully, gets sucked up! In using this vacuum cleaner, I have also noticed much cleaner carpets.  After hoovering I don’t ever see any dog hair so I’m really pleased.” Mrs Gunnell


– No need to purchase dust bags and filters, saving you money in the long run. The HEPA dyson dc22 allergy lightweight vacuum cleaner stowedfilter lasts a lifetime and is perfect for allergy sufferers.
– 5 year guarantee (UK only)
– Quiet noise compared to other models of this size.
– Easy to store due to its small size.
– Great for users who need to move around a two or three storey home.


– Slightly small bin container for some users.

Let’s visualise some of these features by watching Dyson’s demonstration of the lightweight vacuum cleaner DC22:


How does the Dyson DC22 compare to other lightweight vacuum cleaners?

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How to wash the filter of the DC22:

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